Striderz members performing squats in a group setting Striderz members performing squats in a group setting

Work On Yourself,
For Yourself.

Striderz group fitness: Mix Up Your RUNNING ROUTINE.


Rise to the challenge and add some variety in your running routine. You will train in a non-judgmental and supportive environment focused on workouts that will get you stronger and faster.

Group Fitness Classes


Build muscle, achieve your weight loss goals and maintain bone density, no matter your fitness level. STRIDERZ MusclePUMP is a complete body workout that will burn calories, shape and tone your entire body, increase core strength and improve bone health.

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STRIDERZ CardioSweat is a high-energy fitness class designed to increase your cardio endurance. Sweat your way to a conditioned body and a healthier and stronger heart with STRIDERZ CardioSweat classes. Sweat Guaranteed!

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H.I.I.T Attack

The STRIDERZ H.I.I.T Attack workouts build cardiovascular fitness while improving strength, building lean muscle and maximizing calorie burn. Each class combines cardio and strength training to improve aerobic conditioning and challenge you in new and exciting ways.

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Striderz Personal Training.

Build mental toughness to reach your biggest running goals.