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The 4-PAKS plan includes:

  • 4 hours per month of 1:1 personal training sessions at a private gym that fit your schedule
  • Initial assessment and analysis
  • Customized training program built just for you and your goals
  • Mix of exercises designed to maximize the efficiency of your training
  • Constant support and feedback to ensure you stay motivated and on track to success

We start by getting to know you. We’ll talk through your fitness history, look at your current lifestyle and understand YOUR fitness goals. We will help you with breaking your bigger goals into smaller goals, so they’re easier to achieve, leaving less chance for discouragement or worse, an overuse injury. 

Once we understand your goals, we proceed with an initial assessment and analysis. This one-hour session helps us understand the unique needs of your body and ensure that you are capable of moving through all 3 planes of motions safely and pain-free. If we find an asymmetry in these movement patterns, we will work together on correcting it.

Next, we take the knowledge gained from the initial assessment along with YOUR fitness goals to build a customized training program for YOU. This will come to life in one-hour training sessions on a schedule that fits into yours. Your sessions will always feature a mix of exercises designed to maximize the efficiency of your training and to ensure you never get bored. 

    Whether you’re looking to start a new fitness journey, incorporate personal training into your running regiment, run a marathon, bike to Whistler, hike Mount Baker or improve your lifestyle, our Striderz personal trainers will get you there.

    * Monthly sessions cannot be accumulated or deferred for next month.

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