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Unlock your running potential with the Striderz Yearly Membership Basic Plan. Perfect for runners of all levels, this plan provides you with year-round access to in-person run training in Vancouver or Burnaby, tailored to fit any running goal.

Membership Benefits:

- Year-Round Run Training: Receive expert-designed run training programs for the entire membership year. Whether you're training for a marathon, improving your 5K time, or just starting out, our programs are tailored to meet your specific needs.

- In-Person Training: Benefit from in-person coaching sessions in Vancouver or Burnaby. Our expert coaches will provide hands-on guidance and support to help you stay on track and achieve your running goals.

- Versatile Training Programs: Choose from a variety of training programs suitable for all distances and fitness levels. Our expert coaches provide personalized plans that adapt to your progress and goals.

- 15% Savings with Yearly Membership: Save 15% by opting for the yearly membership instead of the monthly plan. Enjoy all the benefits of Striderz run training at a reduced rate throughout the year.

Join the Striderz community with our Basic Plan and take advantage of comprehensive, flexible training that fits your lifestyle. Elevate your running, achieve your goals, and enjoy exclusive member benefits all year long.

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